WOCLINKINTROWOC | World Orienteering Championships
WOCLINKINTROWTOC | World Trail Orienteering Championships
WOCLINKINTROROC | Rocky Orienteering Circus
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The WOC-organisation is working a lot to improve the visions and the result of WOC 2016. Since the event is made for you, we would like to know what you think. By answering a survey filled with questions, your ideas and expetations will be taken care of.

You will contribute to a better arrangement and give us an insight of what you as a spectator wants to experience.

It will only take a few minutes to do and you have until February the first to answer. The answers will be anonymous. 

You'll find the survey here!

The first of February 2016 is a dete to remember. Not only because of the survey but also because it's the date when the next entry deadline for ROC, the spectator races is! Make sure you enter the competition in time so you'll have the best price and an unforgeteble trip to look forward to. To enter; click this link to eventor. 


Photo: Stefan Ed