WOCLINKINTROWOC | World Orienteering Championships
WOCLINKINTROWTOC | World Trail Orienteering Championships
WOCLINKINTROROC | Rocky Orienteering Circus
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There have been four mappers involved with the mapping for WOC and WTOC 2016:

WOC sprint and sprint relay in Strömstad: Maths Carlsson and Per Bengtsson

WOC middle distance at Arena Tanum: Bo Herdersson

WOC long distance at Arena Strömstad East: Maths Carlsson

WOC relay at Arena Strömstad East: Per Bengtsson

WTOC PreO at Arena Saltö and Tolvmanstegen: Göran Olsson

“During my 22 years as a mapper and a runner, I have never experienced any similar terrain area. Unique and absolutely amazing!" says Bo Herdersson.

“I'm fascinated by the variety”, says Maths Carlsson. “There are so many different types of terrain and largely unspoiled wilderness. Great to be able to offer this in a world championship! "

Photo, from the left: Per Bengtsson, Maths Carlsson, Göran Olsson, Bo Herdersson