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If you go by car from Göteborg towards the north on the E6 motorway, half way to Oslo, you can spot a significant landmark. This is the former Tanum Teleport, a disused facility for satellite communications with huge parabolic antennas, the two biggest ones measuring 30 respective 32 meters in diameter.

The teleport was open between 1971 and 2002. Its main purpose was to handle tele- and TV-communication between northern Europe and other continents.

Nowadays the facility is used as a business centre, from where several companies run their operations. Tanum Teleport, now renamed to Företagsporten, is owned by Tanums Maskinstation. This August Förtagsporten will be one of the WOC-arenas. It will be the centre for the WOC middle distance competition.

-The owners have given WOC 2016 a warm welcome, and supported us in so many ways, say the Arena Manager Lars Burman. It will be a superb place to host a World Championship. The final spectator race, ROC6, on Sunday 28th will also use this arena.