WOCLINKINTROWOC | World Orienteering Championships
WOCLINKINTROWTOC | World Trail Orienteering Championships
WOCLINKINTROROC | Rocky Orienteering Circus
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At the Middle and Long distance competitions team leaders are allowed to go from drop off to call up. At the Middle distance team leaders return to the drop off and travel back to arena or to Event Center. At the Long distance team leaders either go back to drop off and take the bus back to Event Center or follow a marked route to the arena.

Maja Alm describes the last year as “not so good”, but when it really counted she was better than ever.

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In the last four and a half years Jerker Lysell has had a lot of injuries, and it wasn’t because of this year’s results that he has ended at the top of the list in the first race in Strömstad.

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Köp sportprylar och souvenirer på våra arenor
Sportshopens souvenirtält och ordinarie butik för bland annat orienteringsprylar och -konfektion, kommer att vara öppet under invigningen och sprinttävlingarna (final, lördag + sprintstafett, söndag) via Arena Strömstad City.

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Sprint Relay team line up at Eventor closes at 20.00 Saturday 20th.

Follow the World Championships at our Live Center LIVE.WOC2016.SE!

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